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Old Fashioned Crime

Old Fashioned Crime is a free and comprehensive directory of podcasts focusing on historical true crime, folklore and cultural history.

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I found a great, free directory of historical true crime, folklore and cultural history podcasts. Check it out at https://www.oldfashionedcrime.com.

Listen to These Historical True Crime Podcasts Now:

Stephanie Hoover Has That Story

TYPE: Short Form, Storytelling
SUBJECT(S): Historical True Crime, Folklore, Cultural History
HOST(S): Non-Fiction Author Stephanie Hoover
WEBSITE: StephanieHoover.com

Most Notorious

TYPE: Interview
SUBJECT(S): Historical True Crime & Author Interviews
HOST(S): Erik Rivenes
WEBSITE: MostNotorious.com

Visit These Historical True Crime Show Links:

Show Titles: A-M

A Tap on the Wrist

TYPE: Episodic
SUBJECT(S): Historical True Crime, History of Alcohol
HOST(S): Laura & Vanessa
SHOW LINK: A Tap on the Wrist

Hashtag History

TYPE: Episodic
SUBJECT(S): Historical True Crime & Dark History
HOST(S): Rachel & Leah
SHOW LINK: Hashtag History

House of Mystery

TYPE: Interview, Talk Show
SUBJECT(S): Historical True Crime, Conspiracy & Paranormal
HOST(S): Alan R. Warren, Julie Sav, Mike Browne, Dr. Joseph Uscinski, Michael Hawley & Michael Butterfield
FREQUENCY: Monday through Friday
SHOW LINK: House of Mystery

Ivy League Murders

TYPE: Episodic
SUBJECT(S): Crime, History
HOST(S): Laura McDonald & Sarah Alcorn
SHOW LINK: Ivy League Murders

Show Titles: N-Z

Visit These Folklore, Myths and Legends Show Links:

Show Titles: A-M

Common Mystics

TYPE: Episodic
SUBJECT(S): Historical True Crime, Paranormal
HOST(S): Jennifer James & Jill Stanley
FREQUENCY: Weekly/Seasonal
SHOW LINK: Common Mystics

Ghosts in the Valley

TYPE: Episodic
SUBJECT(S): Paranormal, UFOs
HOST(S): Al Cooley
SHOW LINK: Ghosts in the Valley

Monster Legend

TYPE: Episodic
SUBJECT(S): Cryptids, Legends
HOST(S): Tanner Davidson
SHOW LINK: MonsterLegendPodcast.com

Show Titles: N-Z

Listen to These Cultural History Podcasts:

Tis the Gift You Can't Afford

TYPE: Episodic
SUBJECT(S): Cultural History, Society, Money
HOST(S): Stephanie Hoover & Tom Shannon
SHOW LINK: Tis the Gift You Can't Afford